Coming in 2023 – The Heroes of Avoch!!!!

I am beyond thrilled to bring you this news.

I am under contract with Creative James Media for the entire ‘Heroes of Avoch’ trilogy!!!!

‘Scales & Stingers’ (book 1) – will release in March, 2023.

‘Shield & Scepter’ (book 2) will release in March, 2024.

‘Sword & Soul’ (book 3) will release in October, 2024.

All three books will be available for pre-order approximately 3 months prior to the release. E-book and print! Audio will happen if/when over 1500 copies sell.

As soon as I have covers (timeline is about 6 months before release), I’ll be sharing them. Same with the blurbs, etc.

Information about signings, buy links, preorder links…and contests! I’m thinking of a few seriously fun things to do!

I’ve been busy since this went down. I asked them to delay the announcement until after our gaming session on the 20th. I still play with most of the Hobos. They allowed me to run amok with their characters in the books. I know there’s a few things that surprised the players! It’s where the plot went, though. It helped give them a life worth reading. It allowed me to show you the character behind the character.

And, in a year, you’ll get to decide if the faith Creative James Media placed in my work was justified.

The news is out now. I don’t have this secret held in my soul, dying to come out. The Hobos have been told.

Be sure to follow my blog, and watch this space, for updates!

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

2 thoughts on “Coming in 2023 – The Heroes of Avoch!!!!

  1. Woot!! This is great news, and I’m glad you got to tell the Hobos first. They will be famous. Or at least, the people who know who them will think they are famous.

    Is the photo of the Hobos the original? I keep looking for Jinaari as a humanoid, but I don’t see another guy beyond Adam.


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