Simple joys

One thing I’ve been working on is finding the small things around me every day that make me happy. I’m not talking big stuff. The simple moments of joy that bring a smile to my face even if no one else cares.

Part of that is doing certain things every morning. My anxiety finds comfort in these rituals. They help frame my mind and emotions into what needs to happen that day. It’s a short list. I have a small collection of perfume on my desk. They’re all scents I like, ones that help ground me or uplift my soul. I put them here because then I remember to put them on.

A week ago, I picked up an Oracle deck from a store I love in Lacey, WA. The owner is an amazing person who enthusiastically agreed to host a signing/launch party for me once ‘Scales & Stingers’ is out. More on that when we hammer out the details! I’m going to go back on track now. LOL. Honest!

Anyway, this Oracle deck is one that really speaks to me. There’s no right side up/upside down like in Tarot. No spreads or layouts. The guidebook is written in no-nonsense language. To use it, I shuffle the deck and pull 1 card. I’ve used it every morning for a week now, and I’ve needed to hear every single card’s message. I’ve started to put them into action as I go about the rest of my day.

Today, as I sat at my desk enjoying my morning coffee, I thought about my lilac bush. I turned my head and smiled. It’s grown enough that I can actually see some of it from my chair. Not much, mind you, but it’s all new growth. It’s green. It’s a reminder that I didn’t kill it somehow, that it survived the winter.

So shall I.

It took longer than I wanted, but I finished a chapter in ‘Sword & Soul’ last night. Will spend time today writing. Likely between errands, the soccer match, and making a spiced pear cake. Dice roll tomorrow, and the recipe is a group favorite. I normally do small, individual cakes but opting for a full one this time. Mainly because one of the players absolutely loves it. So does his wife. The only way to guarantee there’s going to be leftovers that survive the drive home is if it’s one big cake. He’s warned me that any small ones, the size he can munch on and drive, wouldn’t get to her.

A big cake it is.

I’ve been told that the first round of edits for ‘Scales & Stingers’ should be to me before the end of April! Second round will happen in June. Creative James Media schedules an entire month to a single cover, and that’s slated for October. I can’t wait to see it, and show it to you! I’ve talked ideas with the publisher, and she’s in agreement. I’m not going to tell you what concept I want…you’ll have to wait until the reveal!

Until then, I’ll be doing my morning rituals. I’ll keep working on ‘Sword & Soul’. I’d like to have it in the hands of my betas by the end of April. I’m refusing to get complacent and sit on it until after book 1 is out. I’m horrible at dividing my time. I either want to write a book, or promote it. Finishing it up, putting it in the hands of my publisher before we finish the edits on the first book means my focus is where it needs to be when things start to ramp up.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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