Typing ‘The End’ after 2 years

Sidhe Viewpoint, west of Loch Ness, Scotland

Earlier today, I did a thing. I finished the first draft of ‘Sword & Soul’. I typed the words ‘The End’, saved the file, and sent it to my beta readers.

The ‘Heroes of Avoch’ series is done.

Now, yes, there’s a lot of editing and revising to happen. I’m sure it won’t get to Creative James Media until midsummer. I’m still waiting on edits for ‘Scales & Stingers’. Cover art hasn’t started. Everything is still in the very early stages.

But…Thia’s story is complete.

It started 3 years ago, when I created the character for our D&D game in 2019. The game was going great. Then the pandemic hit. And I started writing the first book.

In the last two years, it’s gone from one book to a trilogy. It’s been a constant thing on my ‘I should do this’ list. It’s been there when my hands went wonky, waiting patiently as I had surgery and learned how to deal with arthritis.

It’s beckoned as I changed jobs. As I learned as much about myself as I did the characters. As my found family supported me through a stalker.

And, for the first time in 2 years, it’s done. I’m in a holding pattern. Waiting for edits on book 1, notes from my betas on book 3. There won’t be any more drives to work where I’m puzzling out what to throw at them next. No more insomnia thoughts about the best way to do something.

Well, there’s going to be more insomnia. That’s a given.

For now, though, I’m not sure what to do next. Do I revamp an older series, submit it to CJM? Do I take a break, read a few books? Do I start a new cast of characters for another Avoch set world? One about another group, or the history of the Gods themselves?

I’m not sure in this moment. But I’ll figure it out. I always do.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “Typing ‘The End’ after 2 years

  1. I think taking a break for yourself might be a good plan for right now. I know your brain won’t slow down, but maybe you can redirect those ideas for a while. Rest, if you can, and reset. You have other things to prepare for in your life.


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