A snail’s pace isn’t bad

Morning, everyone.

I took a day off work. I wasn’t feeling 100%, hadn’t slept well, and had a headache that begged me not to get out of bed. When I finally did, I took care of a bunch of stuff that I haven’t had time to do. Once I finish this post, I’m digging into the second round of galley edits for ‘Scales and Stingers’. It’ll be a slow, relaxing day.

I needed one.

The hardest part of being an author, honestly, is all the waiting. It’s worse than writer’s block, harder than a synopsis. There’s this huge gap of time that is full of marketing meetings, webinars, researching stores, reaching out for street team or ARC readers (I still need both!). In between, there’s edits, galleys, cover art, blurb, reveal events, and more.

There’s a year between when I signed my contract with Creative James Media and ‘Scales and Stingers’ going out into the world. Some smaller presses, including the one I was with before, don’t take a lot of time. No one makes money until the book is up for sale, so things can get rushed. Most authors, especially new ones, are okay with this because they’re anxious to get it out into the hands of readers.

Faster isn’t better.

CJM has a different viewpoint, one I’m growing to appreciate. They would rather take their time, make sure everything is as perfect as it can be, over rushing a launch. They’re working on both book 1 and 2 right now. The marketing legwork we do now will impact the entire trilogy.

By taking the time they’re giving me (even with deadlines!) to truly look over the manuscript . . . it lets me fall back in love with the story. I can be reminded of all the smaller scenes that matter, the bits of humor in the midst of dire circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong. Thia’s story is done in this trilogy. It’s complete, and I’m happy with every part of her journey. I forget what that path is like, though, with the mad rush of trying to get the word out about the series. These checks that CJM insist on are worth the time they take. It’s beyond spelling or grammar errors. Worth more than rewriting a few sentences.

It reminds my anxiety-riddled brain that I don’t totally suck at this. That I wrote something I’m damn proud of. A series I hope you will enjoy as well.

The checks made me slow down and, like the snails in the picture, smell the roses.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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