My bad!

I have to apologize. I knew I hadn’t posted for a while but didn’t realize it’d been over 2 months until this morning!

Things have been…busy. I got laid off from my job, found another, and had to delay the start due to a 2nd bout with COVID in 3 months. 0/10, do not recommend.

Things are moving along with ‘Scales and Stingers’! Pre-sale is less than 2 months away! Cover and blurb get revealed next month!!!

And I got the physical proof!!!!!!

Were there problems? A few. Some were bigger than others. Some weren’t anything I could control (printing company decided to jump almost 10 pages on the page numbers, even though the content was all there. Weird.). Finding that I put ‘betweeb’ instead of ‘between’ at one point made me want to pound my head on my desk.

That’s one I should’ve caught a long time ago.

So, what’s next? I still need ARC readers! Free e-copy early on, with the hope you’ll leave a review when it goes live. That’s it. There’s a mythical number on Amazon. 50 reviews means I get a visit from a sparkly unicorn with a rainbow mane who showers me with glitter of awesomeness!

Seriously, I need readers. Email me at to sign up.

Newsletter is growing. Once a month and you get a free story about the characters from Heroes of Avoch before the series begins!

Still struggling some days with the depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Which, added on top of what was going on, is probably why I haven’t been writing. This is a much-needed weekend to breathe. See friends.

The words will come. I know they will.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “My bad!

  1. My personal go-to when things are something like this is to go to the sea. The wind and the waves soothe me the way nothing else seems to do. Not having ready access to the Black Forest, that is…

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