Confidence vs. Name Recognition

Yep. It’s me.

Morning, everyone. Had some time before I left for work and thought I’d make a post here.

Despite my anxiety, I know that the Heroes of Avoch series is good. It’s well written, the cover is amazing, and has a wide reader appeal. My editor at CJM didn’t know what D&D was, yet she held book 1 ‘hostage’ until she was promised to get the rest of the series.

I know I feel my best, the most authentic me I am, when I’m writing or talking about the series. It’s as much a letter of gratitude and love to my found family as it is a sword and sorcery fantasy. Without them lending me their strength in the last half-dozen or more years, I don’t know where I’d be.

But that confidence doesn’t guarantee sales. It doesn’t put my book on shelves in stores. It doesn’t broker movie deals.

I know who I am, and the story I wrote. Bookstore managers have no idea who K. M. Warfield is. There’s no name recognition. There’s no guaranteed sales if they stock it. There’s no extensive reader base that warrants a big order.

Shelf space in stores is a premium. Why? Because bookstores are businesses. They need to sell books to keep the doors open or the lights on. They’re investing money in the authors they know will be bought. The ones who will have readers coming in on release day to pick up copies they pre-ordered. The big display when you walk in is reserved for the titles, and authors, who make readers pick it up immediately. Where they walk around the store, cradling the ‘must read’ tome in their arms like a prize.

That’s not me. Not yet.

That’s not ‘Scales and Stingers’, ‘Shield and Scepter’, or ‘Sword and Soul’. Not yet.

There’s an old saying. Fake it until you make it. For me, when it comes to my writing, that means not letting someone tell me no doesn’t crush my dream. It’s not a permanent ban. Rather, it’s more of a ‘not at this time.’

If I keep promoting. If reviews come in. If I work with my publisher. If readers go into the store and ask for a copy to be ordered.

That ‘not at this time’ can become a ‘yes’.

It takes work. It takes time. I’ll have days where I get frustrated with the snail’s pace and want to throw things at the wall. But then I’ll take a deep breath, read a favorite chapter (yes, I have a few), and remind myself that I don’t suck at this.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Given that ‘Scales and Stingers’ is still nearly 2 months from pre-release, I haven’t even gotten out of the locker room. Pre-sale is warm ups.

March 14, 2023 is when the race really begins.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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