Starting the big push!

‘Scales and Stingers’ is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Release date is only 9 weeks away now. Creative James Media is hard at work, trying to get bloggers interested. I’m looking at podcasts, events, and all the rest.

I have 2 very special stories planned for the newsletter’s February and March editions. Be sure to sign up here if you haven’t yet!

I have a daily planner. Twice a day, I’m checking dates, making sure what needs doing is happening.

As I’ve said before, this story is dear to me. My friends, my found family, trusted me to write a story about characters they originated. They gave me few restrictions (the only one I truly remember was ‘nothing embarrassing or permanent’ – I held to that!), and let me run amok.

They’re happy with the result. I truly hope you are, as well.

When so much is wrong in the world. When hate is given the opportunity to grow unchecked. When so many feel alone, unwanted, or unloved.

To have friends who you have chosen as family. Friends who have chosen you in return. It’s a special kind of platonic love. One where you feel truly accepted, warts and all, and know you can be who you know you are without fear.

This series is as much a thank you to them for giving me that safety net as it is Thia’s story.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

P.S. – the QR code on the graphic will take you to the preorder page for the book!

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