Less than 7 weeks!!!!!

Eep! ‘Scales and Stingers’ releases to the world in less than 7 weeks! I’m currently alternating between being wide-eyed, excited, overwhelmed, and worried it’ll fall flat.

Gee, thanks anxiety.

Anyway, wanted to let you know some fun stuff today! For one, if you’re a fan of Barnes and Noble/have a Nook, you can pre-order the book (and four other GREAT CJM titles) for 25% off! This is a limited time offer, so jump on it fast!

Also, mark your calendar if you live in the Seattle, WA area! The amazing folks at Cole Street Game Vault in Enumclaw, WA are hosting me for a launch party on March 15th!

Need to dash out the door for work. Reviews from my ARC readers are rolling in and making my lonely, anxiety ridden author soul smile! Thia’s story is resonating with so many of you! So far, Jinaari’s the favorite!

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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