3 weeks out – time to meet Alesso

We’re down to 21 days before release! 3 short weeks until everyone can read Thia’s story. Today, though, I’d like to introduce you to someone named Alesso. He’s my publisher’s favorite character, by the way.


Alesso trailed behind Lukas. “Where are we going?”

“The stables. The rest of your training unit is there. Best thing to do is get you started with your routine right away.” The older boy turned around, studying Alesso. “I know your parents have titles, Potiri. Here, no one cares. It doesn’t matter if you were an orphan or heir to the throne. You pull your weight, learn Garret’s laws, and train. When and if you earn your medallion is up to you and Garret. Any other advantage you had before you knelt in front of the Commander doesn’t matter.”

Alesso nodded, “What about my trunk?”

Lukas spun on his heel, and started walking again. “Commander has it. He’ll make sure there’s no contraband, then have it taken to the barracks. You’ll see it later.”


“When you’re done working today.” Lukas pushed open a half door and led him into the stable. “Frazier unit! Front and center!”

From the stalls, a half dozen young men emerged. All of them wore the same tunic and pants he did. One, about his age, was a head taller than the rest. Dark hair, with eyes that constantly watched everything.

Find Jinaari Althir, make friends with him. Our future lies with you, son. Fail us, and your sister will be working as a barmaid by the time she’s fourteen. His father’s orders rang through Alesso’s head.


Alesso jumped at the Commander’s voice right behind him. The dark-haired boy stepped forward, pitchfork in hand. “Yes?”

“Potiri will finish your chores. You’re needed at the palace. A carriage is waiting.”

Taking the tool from him, Alesso locked eyes with the boy he now knew to be the target of his father’s ambitions. The smile on his face faded as Jinaari’s eyes grew hard, suspicious. Without a word, he turned and left.

Alesso sighed. How can I possibly make friends with someone who won’t even bother to say thank you for doing their chores while they feast in the palace?

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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