These final hours

It’s currently 5:26pm PDT on Monday, March 13th.

In 6 hours and 4 minutes, ‘Scales and Stingers’ will go live across multiple platforms.

I’m thrilled that today was busy at work. I needed the distraction.

The road getting to this point has been interesting. When I started writing Thia’s story, beyond the game, it was 2020. There was a pandemic the likes of which we’d never seen before. Over the last three years, I’ve dealt with a number of things. I’ve grown as a person because of those trials.

There were my hands…the stalker…beginning to come to terms with my mental outlook, and taking steps to making that healthy. There was having an agent, then realizing it wasn’t the partnership we deserved.

A year ago, I met the folks at Creative James Media. They believed in Thia’s journey almost as much as I do.

Today isn’t about anxiety, panic, or watching the clock. Okay, so there’s been some of that. Mostly, however, I’ve been reflecting on the mountain of support I’ve had regarding this series. From the staff at CJM, my street team, and my ARC readers. Before them, my beta readers.

Before then, my chosen family. The Hobos who graciously allowed me to have carte blanche with their characters so that I could bring them to life. The ones that cheered me on, and love me as much as I love them.

To anyone who reads Thia’s journey, I have one hope: if you don’t have that family that chooses you, warts and all, don’t give up. You’ll find them, or they’ll find you.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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