And we’re live!!!

Have you ever had that moment where there’s no photo you can add to convey what you feel?

‘Scales and Stingers’ went live this morning. You can go here and find the shop you prefer to read through to get a copy.

Waiting for Thia’s story to be published, even once I had a home for the trilogy, has been hard. I admit to being jaded about publishing. There’s some real predators out there, ones that look like they know what they’re doing. Ones that you don’t realize how much you’ve been lied to until down the road.

I was holding my breath, waiting for another shoe to fall that would delay release. Or that wouldn’t be fixable. To wake up this morning and see it live…

This is a joy I haven’t felt for many years.

Today, I’ll enjoy the feeling. Tomorrow is the live launch at Cole Street Game Vault in Enumclaw, Wa. By this weekend, the euphoria will have faded. I’ll be back to work on ‘Shield and Scepter’ as needed, as it launches November 7th. There’s still a blurb that will be written, a cover that will be made.

I’m going to enjoy this feeling, take some deep breaths, and be happy you can now see where Thia’s life takes her.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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